These Terms of Service (“Terms”) were last updated on 3rd April 2022.

These Terms apply to all your activities on the Edutive website, the Edutive Online Learning Platform and other related services (“Services”).


You must be at least 18 years of age to create an account on Edutive and use the Services. If you are below this age of consent to use online services, you may not create an Edutive account. If we discover that you have created an account that violates these rules, we will terminate your account.

Consumer Account

To purchase a course at our platform (, you must register a consumer account by providing your full legal name, billing address, phone number, a valid email address, and any other information indicated as required. Your account information will be stored with Edutive securely. Check our Privacy Policy to see how we manage your personal information. Edutive may reject your application for an Account, or cancel an existing Account, for any reason, in our sole discretion.

Your name and licence information will be locked after the registration. This is a condition of NSW Fair Trading approved CPD providers that student detail fields can only be changed by the provider upon verification of the student’s identification. If you believe your name or licence number is wrong, please contact us at

Student Account

To enrol, access and view the course you purchased with your Consumer Account, a Student Account at our online learning platform ( is required. Edutive will register a Student Account on behalf of you when setting up your Consumer Account. The initial account information will be communicated to you via your primary account email address. Your Student Account will be synced with your Consumer Account, they are sharing the same credentials. Whenever you changed the password of your Consumer Account, the changes will reflect on your Student Account as well. Vice versa.

Your name and licence information will be locked after the registration. This is a condition of NSW Fair Trading approved CPD providers that student detail fields can only be changed by the provider upon verification of the student’s identification. If you believe your name or licence number is wrong, please contact us at

Account Security

When setting up and maintaining your account, you must provide and continue to provide accurate and complete information. You may not share your account login credentials with anyone else. You are responsible for your account and everything that happens on your account, including for any harm or damage (to us or anyone else) caused by someone using your account without your permission. You must notify us immediately upon learning that someone else may be using your account without your permission (or if you suspect any other breach of security) by contacting us.


You acknowledge that Edutive will use the email address you provide on opening an account or as updated by you from time to time as the primary method for communication with you. You must monitor the primary account email address you provide to Edutive and your primary account email address must be capable of both sending and receiving messages.

Account Termination

You can terminate your account at any time by notifying us in writing. Check our Privacy Policy to see what happens when you terminate your account.

Course Enrolment

Edutive grants you (as a student) a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and view the courses and associated content for which you have paid all required fees, solely for your personal, non-commercial, educational purposes through the Services, in accordance with these Terms and any conditions or restrictions associated with a particular courses or feature of our Services. All other uses are expressly prohibited. You may not reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, adapt, edit, create derivative works of, sublicense, or otherwise transfer or use any course unless we give you explicit permission to do so in a written agreement signed by a Edutive authorized representative.

Generally there is a time restriction associated with your license to access and view the courses (for example, 3 months or 12 months). However, we reserve the right to revoke any license to access and use courses at any point in time in the event where we decide or are obligated to disable access to a course due to legal or policy reasons.

Fraud Prevention Policy and Procedure

Click here to access our Fraud Prevention Policy and Procedures.

Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

Edutive is committed to providing quality training and assessment in accordance with the Fair Trading Conditions of Approval. As such, Edutive has a policy and processes in place to manage and respond to complaints received from the learners.

Learners are encouraged to speak immediately with a Edutive staff to discuss and resolve the issues. If the staff feels that the issue is above their understanding, skill set, or responsibilities they will report the complaint to their supervisor.

Learners can submit a complaint verbally or in writing. On receiving a complaint, Edutive will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing. Complaints then will be passed to the General Manager for further investigating. Additional information may be requested from complainant. Evidence across Edutive records will be reviewed in order to propose an appropriate outcome.

Following the investigation, the General Manager will provide the complainant with a written outcome of their compliant within 14 working days of receipt of the complaint, including details of decisions made, reasons for the decisions, the complainants right of appeal and details of the process to lodge a complaint appeal.

Learners can submit an appeal for the decision made to their initial complaint. The General Manager will collate all relevant evidence and present the matter to the CEO. The CEO might conduct their own investigation and provide the complainant with a written outcome within 14 working days of the date of the lodgement of the appeal.

Where a learner is unsatisfied with the outcome of the complaint appeal, they may submit a complaint with Fair Trading at

All outcomes will be recorded on the Complaint Register.


The listed price you see is Australian currency, which may or may not includes GST or may be added at checkout. We regularly run promotions and sales for our courses and certain courses are only available at discounted prices for a set period of time. The price applicable to a course will be the price at the time you complete your purchase of the course (at checkout). Any price offered for a particular course may also be different when you are logged into your account from the price available to users who aren’t registered or logged in, because some of our promotions are available only to new users.


You agree to pay the fees for courses that you purchase, and you authorise us to charge your debit or credit card or process other means of payment for those fees. Edutive works with third party payment processing partners to offer you the most convenient payment methods in your country and to keep your payment information secure. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

When you make a purchase, you agree not to use an invalid or unauthorised payment method. If your payment method fails and you still get access to the course you are enrolling in, you agree to pay us the corresponding fees within thirty (30) days of notification from us. We reserve the right to disable access to any course for which we have not received adequate payment.


If the course you purchased is incorrect or not what you were expecting, you can request, within 7 days of your purchase of the course, that Edutive apply a refund to your account. We reserve the right to apply your refund as a refund credit or a refund to your original payment method, at our discretion. Refund is not available for enrolments that are completed within the 7-day limit. This means if your Certificate of Completion is issued within the 7-day limit, you are not eligible to apply any refund.

It is your own responsibility to make sure the correct courses are purchased according to your licence class. If you are not sure about your licence class, please check at or contact Edutive before placing an order. Where incorrect courses were purchased, please contact Edutive immediately to switch the correct course or refund. 

To request a refund, please contact us via

Promotional Codes

Edutive or our partners may offer promotional codes to students. Certain codes may be redeemed for credits applied to your Edutive account, which then may be used to purchase eligible courses on our platform, subject to the terms included with your codes. Other codes may be directly redeemable for specific courses.

These codes and credits, as well as any promotional value linked to them, may expire if not used within the period specified in your Edutive account. Gift and promotional codes offered by Edutive may not be refunded for cash, unless otherwise specified in the terms included with your codes or as required by applicable law.

Content and Behaviour Rules

You may not access or use the Services or create an account for unlawful purposes. Your use of the Services and behaviour on our platforms must comply with applicable local or national laws or regulations of your country. You are solely responsible for the knowledge of and compliance with such laws and regulations that are applicable to you.

As a student, you may ask questions to the instructors of courses you are enrolled in, and to post reviews of courses. For certain courses, you may be requested to submit content as “assignments” or tests. Don’t post or submit anything that is not yours.

Edutive may terminate or suspend your permission to use our platforms and Services or ban your account at any time, with or without notice, for any or no reason. Upon any such termination we may delete your account and content, and we may prevent you from further access to the platforms and use of our Services. Your content may still be available on the platforms even if your account is terminated or suspended. You agree that we will have no liability to you or any third party for termination of your account, removal of your content, or blocking of your access to our platforms and services.

Edutive's Rights to Content You Post

The content you post as a student remains yours. When you post content, comments, questions, reviews, and when you submit to us ideas and suggestions for new features or improvements, you authorise Edutive to use and share this content with anyone, distribute it and promote it on any platform and in any media, and to make modifications or edits to it as we see fit.

Edutive's Rights

We own the Edutive platforms and Services, including the websites, present or future applications and services, and things like our logos, API, code, and content created by our employees. The information and content contained in non-public areas is the property of Edutive, and must not be reproduced in whole or in part or used for any purpose except under an agreement with or the prior written consent of Edutive.

Binding Agreement

You agree that by registering, accessing, or using our Services, you are agreeing to enter into a legally binding contract with Edutive. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not register, access, or otherwise use any of our Services.

Even if we are delayed in exercising our rights or fail to exercise a right in one case, it doesn’t mean we waive our rights under these Terms, and we may decide to enforce them in the future. If we decide to waive any of our rights in a particular instance, it doesn’t mean we waive our rights generally or in the future.


It may happen that our platform is down, either for planned maintenance or because something goes down with the site. You accept that you will not have any recourse against us in any of these types of cases where things don’t work out right.

We may decide to cease making available certain features of the Services at any time and for any reason. Under no circumstances will Edutive or its affiliates, suppliers, partners or agents be held liable for any damages due to such interruptions or lack of availability of such features.

We are not responsible for delay or failure of our performance of any of the Services caused by events beyond our reasonable control, like an act of war, hostility, or sabotage; natural disaster; electrical, internet, or telecommunication outage; or government restrictions.

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